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Beige color

‘Beige’ can make you look classic, timeless and like you put effort into your look, even if you secretly didn’t. ⁠Beige is a staple color that can make anyone look classy and well put together..⁠


Red dress

A ‘red dress’ emphasizes confidence & elegance. ⁠It is the color of passion & energy. ⁠

Color Blocking


We’re starting off with a combination you can wear now and well into fall, brown and yellow. These color combos always look so chic and well put together. A yellow & camel color combo is certainly one you can repeat time and time again.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking

If you are not familiar with color blocking you are missing out on the fun! Simply, you create “block of colors”for bold and eye-catching look. Either you choose 2, 3 or more colors follow color wheel examples. You can choose the colors within one “color family” like red and pink or use contrasting colors like violet & yellow. The more contrast you go for the more eye -catching outfit you will create.


Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are so easy to combine. Either is it a small or big touch, it will make you look more like living in the dream. For example, a handbag in pastel color will add some luxury to your outfit, or a one pastel piece will cheer you up a little! Give some energy to your outfit with pastels or wear pastels from the top to button. Choice is yours. The most important thing is to choose the right tone of the color when you wear it close to your face.


All about dots

Dots comes hand in hand with feminine style. If you would love any outfit to look cute polka dots will do it for you. Create sophisticated look in combo with chiffon or combine it with another polka dotted piece.While combining 2 identical patters make sure they are different in size. Do not forget that this fashion tip is not only for your dresses, but you can use it for other garments too. Try some headband, shoes, bags, socks or others with polka dot pattern.



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