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How to wear your cardigan

There are many options and styles to keep your wardrobe always funky and stylish. They can be oversized, lightweight, chunky, patterned, accessorized. Check out the video for some inspiration.

Open back

Open back

We love this feminine look. Let your imagination run wild as today’s fashion is all about balance, mixing fitted clothing with oversized. Get creative and wear what makes you feel comfortable with confident!



Have you ever felt like you had nothing to wear? It is time to declutter & organize your wardrobe. TIP 1: Exclude all items you did not wear for 6 months. TIP 2: Organize the rest. TIP 3: Mix& match them and create outfits for every occasion. Create your dream wardrobe. No more headaches!


Dress up like a Parisian.

If you are digging to find classic but feminine style, follow the French women. Keep it simple, stay with natural colors although pay attention to details such as hats, belts, gloves, accessories, and handbags. Replace skinny jeans with straight pants, dresses or skirts. Remember sporty outfits belong to gym sessions only and your nails and hair should be on point all the time. Red lipstick is a must have!



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