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Create an authentic style you will wear with confidence. No matter what size you are, looking chic is always an option. Get it right with eStyleShaker and reach your goals faster. The first impression is always lasting.
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Build a wardrobe you love and wear it with confidence!

Say goodbye to fashion boredom and hello to confidence-boosting outfits. Get ready to upgrade your style game now!

Upload your clothing items for FREE and mix & match them to create outfits in your Lookbook. Use Style Calendar to mark it all and enjoy the time you usually spend staring at your wardrobe by drinking coffee or tea instead. You can come back anytime you need to get dressed for any occasion.

Organize your wardrobe
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Learn to dress for your body type today for an instant confidence boost.

Personalized Style Guide help you to create your unique style and declutter your current wardrobe efficiently. Fill in the quiz, learn about your body shape and get full access to Style Guide. Save money on clothes that don't fit by making the right choices when shopping.


You have 3 seconds to impress. How would you do that?

This course is designed to help you master the art of style and create your ultimate dream wardrobe. By learning and applying the golden rules of fashion, you will develop a unique sense of style that reflects your personality and boosts your confidence.

From understanding body shape analysis, colors to organizing your wardrobe and mastering essential fashion tips, this course covers all aspects of crafting a stylish look for your everyday use or special occasions.

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Need a little inspiration on your style journey?

Want to shop the looks created by professional stylists or other eStyleShakers? It's an all-in-one and all-in Shop & Style. You can make some looks yourself from stores you find in our database. Show them publicly on your style board too. You can have fun liking or commenting on other styles and get inspired.

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Our Benefits

Style upgrade

Create best first impression using our platform. You can’t get it wrong with golden fashion advice from eStyleShaker.

“Halo effect”

Your style will shout loudly who you really are = successful, ambitious, creative & able to do anything in the same unique way you can style yourself up. Get ready to be showered with compliments.

Organized wardrobe

You will be eager to wear your clothes every time you need to dress up for an occasion. Decluttering helps you enjoy your new wardrobe-essentials.

Money Saver

Perfect your style choices before investing in fashion. You will no longer choose and pay for outfits that will never come out of your wardrobe.

Confidence overload

You look great =You feel great= It blooms your confidence.

Simplified shopping journey

Your shopping hunt will never be easier with our platform. You will concentrate on flattering pieces leaving other options behind.

Our Beautiful Clients

“ I was going through a career change when I met with Lucia. When we just started, she was very responsive to emails, always on time. I was nicely surprised by Lucia’s professionalism. It was vital for me to find a new inspiration. Her advice was honest, and each time she explained why a colour/style/composition was not the right fit for me. I initially took the basic package, but very quickly I included the other components like colour analysis, wardrobe detox, more personal shopping sessions because it’s an excellent investment and it’s a perfect way to save money. It prevented me from buying clothes that I would never wear :-).”

Amelle Gaddes

“ With Lucia I have discovered things like my ,color type, suiting colors, shapes complimenting my body type, how to mix and match clothes . I must say I started to look at myself and things around me with a new perspective, I discovered new angles of my personal style and power it brings to you. I would recommend eStyleShaker to anyone who wants to look chic.”

Ahmed Khadeer

“ From the first moment, she knew what would fit best for me. The day spent in her company was beneficial not only for my daily contact with wardrobe but for me personally. In my job, I meet a lot of people and based on Lucia’s analysis and her advice; I’ll exactly know how to impress not only with the appropriate outfit style. I can only highly recommend Lucia’s work.”

Lucia Spisiak

“I did love my personal styling session with your unique image and it showed me so many things. Now I know exactly what colors I look great in, how to do my daily make up in a few steps, how to switch it to the night look and also how to create trendy outfits from the pieces I already have. I got the clue what is missing in my wardrobe and what pieces we will hunt for during personal shopping.”


“It was really amazing experience for me with eStyleShaker. Thanks to my personal stylist Lucia, I wear fashionable and colorful clothes despite the fact that I would never say I can wear it at all. All clothes is looking perfect on me, my girlfriend and friends are shocked and surprised as they really like my new style. I am more confident about my look and I do not have one single piece that I can’t wear. Thank you eStyleShaker for everything, you did for me.”

Afif Imran
Project manager, Dubai

“ I am very glad that I chose eStyleShaker and went through personal styling process. Lucia showed me how easy it is to rebuild my wardrobe and stay within my budget. Before I met her, my garments were usually in neutral colors. Nowadays I can say that they are colorful and stylish. She guided me through first impression.entire secret of making best Personal shopping with her is fun!”

Swati Sagar
Project manager, Dubai