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eStyleShaker is Your Everyday Personal Stylist , helping you to use 100% of your wardrobe. Shop smart for flattering clothes you will love & wear and organize your dream wardrobe. eStyleShaker as a personal stylist will simplify your life.

"Confidence lies in your style choice."

Lucia Csobonyei

Founder of eStyleShaker


Book a stylist for men or women that will help you with wardrobe mix & match or personal shopping requests. Take your Style to the next level with eStyleShaker. Invest in your style before you spent money on fashion.

eStyleShaker reveal all fashion secrets curated especially for you.

How it works

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Fill in the quiz & get your personalized style guide.




Check out your options at Style Avenue or set the free consultation with your personal stylist.



Revamp your style

Choose a once-off or subscription based styling services and leave the rest to us!




Download your style guide

Balance your body shape and prominent features with all possible details that will be your friends, not enemies. Win the game with the style guide specially curated by your online personal stylist. Choose flattering styles & designs and create chic outfits that will never let you down.

Video Channel

Master your personal styling skills
Dive into video channel, master your personal styling skills & create gorgeous outfits all by yourself.

What are the wow factors you should follow to be on the right styling track? How to work with them and what it takes to mix & match like a guru? These and much more will follow. Stay tuned with eStyleShaker, your lavish online fashion stylist & prepare yourself for the hell of a ride.

Style & Play

Show off your style, create collections from actual trends or post a video of your style choices. Enjoy this service for free.
Get inspired by other stylistas and be part of estyleshaker family.


Style upgrade

Create best first impression with our personal styling service. You can’t get it wrong with golden fashion advice from eStyleShaker.

“Halo effect”

Your style will shout loudly who you really are = successful, ambitious, creative & able to do anything in the same unique way you can style yourself up. Get ready to be showered with compliments.

Organized wardrobe
You will be eager to wear your clothes every time you need to dress up for an occasion. Decluttering helps you enjoy your new wardrobe-essentials.
Money saver
Perfect your style choices before investing in fashion. You will no longer choose and pay for outfits that will never come out of your wardrobe.
Confidence overload
You look great =You feel great= It blooms your confidence.
Simplified shopping journey
Your shopping hunt will never be easier with your personal stylist. You will concentrate on flattering pieces leaving other options behind.



We are always on a lookout for fellow style lovers. We are hiring! If you have a flair for styling and would like to join our team of fellow style and fashion lovers, we need to talk.


Please register and check out our Style & Play section. Design few outfits and then please email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you shortly.




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