Hi, I am Lucia

Style Expert & Confidence Coach
Welcome in my world of "Possible"
Lucia Csobonyei
Entrepreneuer, Business management University graduate, Certified Image Consultant, Certified as RSCI coach, Paradigm techniques Practitioner, Former runner up of Miss Slovakia
For more than 11 years, I’ve helped managers, entrepreneurs, CEO and even members of the royal family to feel special, stand out and feel confident through the power of styling.
Each of us has a particular journey and goals to achieve in life. Either you are a hard-working entrepreneur, a mom or dad bringing the best value to your family, a manager climbing up the carrier ladder, a CEO setting up the best examples for others, or a celebrity with a particular image. Dressing up for your journey and success is the first step to achieving it.
"No one can stop you if you believe in yourself."
As a Founder of eStyleShaker, I am on a journey to help you to feel special, unique and confident. This playful online platform is here to connect people in the style and fashion world, show you how to make the right shopping choices and help you choose powerful outfits on your way to success.

What I Do


I am always honored and happy to share my expertise as a Speaker.

Topics From the world of style and confidence sharing with bigger or smaller groups of people, whether for corporations supporting their employees through provided benefits or organizations focused on empowerment.

I bring additional value to participants' lives through speeches at the conferences, master classes, workshops, or other events.


As a Style expert and Confidence coach, I recommend any of my clients start building their portfolio with professional shots used for social media or websites that will correctly send the message about them.

First impression always counts, and online presence is as crucial as offline for building presentable personal branding. I am here to provide all the experience to get satisfied clients afterwards.


My passion started with one-to-one sessions on a personal level, which is still favorite part of my job. Experiencing AHA moments of my clients realizing how much potential is in their current wardrobe is irreplaceable.

Shopping for new pieces, creating their signature style and giving new angles let them feel beautiful, handsome and confident on their way to success.