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Style Guide

No more skeletons in your wardrobe, No more shopping regrets.

Style Guide

How would you like to go to the store and buy only clothes that flatter your body shape? Our unique style guide will help you shop smartly and choose only clothes that fit your figure and prominent features.

You fill in the quiz, add your measurement, answer some questions, and we give you all recommendations of clothing items to wear or to avoid.

Learn about the details that allow you to play with optical illusions to help you achieve your desired look.

What will you get?

Our style guide includes a detailed analysis on your entire body proportions and help you identify your prominent features, such as your best assets or areas you may want to downplay.

You will get personalized recommendations on clothing items that flatter your body shape and enhance your prominent features.

By strategically selecting clothing items, we can draw attention to your best features and minimize areas you may want to mute.

Clothes Recommendation

You can review all tops, pants, dresses, skirts, blazers, and other clothing items with details that optically balances your body shape.

To help you visualize our recommendations, we will provide picture examples of clothing items and detailed description to help you understand how to work with optical illusions and achieve the balance outfit and desired look.

Our style guide includes all the information you need to make informed decisions when shopping for clothes, so you can confidently express your unique style.

How will Style Guide change your life ?

  • You will no longer buy clothes that stay hung in the closet
  • You save money on clothes you would typically buy without the guide
  • You will avoid emotional shopping and stick with recommended items
  • You will love the wardrobe pieces you own

“ I think twice before I buy something. Since I have my style guide, it's always on my mind that I should wear more open necklines and not rounded ones to balance my upper body. It helps with decisions when trends are coming and going so fast.”

Career Coach

“ Style guide simplified my shopping. I reduced my shopping mistakes significantly, and if I do something, I do it intentionally because I can't help myself. ”

Regional Manger

“ I love this Style guide so much. It has many descriptions, but it's worth every cent I invested. I had yet to learn about all details the guide mentioned.”

Web Designer